The beauty of waking up each morning with fresh eyes the fresh outlook
the next 40 hours laid out in front of me you have no clue what's going to come your way
just the unknown of life and what is it going to bring to me this next few days day

In my dream i am alone helpless and lost among the kerry way trails sweaty palms and elevated heart rate shortness of breath.I'm consumed with fear overwhelmed by the helpless and uncontrollable anxiety it's something I've dealt with for as long as I can remember in my mind i always love to
embrace worse case scenarios irrational fears that might suddenly manifest themselves ,it's a major reason as to why I continue to challenge myself physically ,so I can face these demons head on and fight back This dream started when I registered for the kerry way 200km ultra a notoriously
difficult ultra race running for the last few years that also starts and finishes 45 minutes from where I Live.I was drawn to the scale of the challenge I wanted to accomplish something i believe was impossible to me when i sit down and look at what i want to do.Surrounded by a team that supported and pushed me to the very end to prove that in fact impossible does not exist even for a regular ginger like me I needed to show myself that I could face an insurmountable distance and I was more than the voices in my mind I wanted to prove once and for all that my anxiety does not control yeah the goal is obviously to finish this race and that's it ,AND 37 HOURS 59 MINUTES LATER i was done 2 hours under the 40 hour cut of time,now i could write a full race report here but i'm going to keep this very special race to myself,as i found out and learned so much in that short time about myself and what i can and cant do .But what i will tell u is it was some of the worst conditions i have every run a race in up to knees and waist in some places in mud,and i also saw some very strange things during the night and early mornings that still stay with me lol. But i would do it all again and will. 
So enjoy my pictures they tell and better story then i ever could 


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