So this race was going to be my last ultra of the year.I was going into it still feeling the effects of the kerry way project and giant causeway ultras i had run 6 days apart,also a busy few weeks in work a 15 hour work day the day before 3 hours sleep all added up to me simple saying i was wrecked

I got there at 6.35 signed up had 20 mins to get into my gear and still had not eaten any breakfast.I had decided a few days earlier that i was going to go out strong and get as many miles down before i crashed but here is were something which surprised me happened i didn't tire i got stronger and started to lap people by mile 15 is was in 3rd place over all ad it was at this stage i decide to go for it.Now here is where my stunning wife who crewed me on the day was amazing she had drinks food and anything i needed ready for me every time i came round and she cheered me on it was this that motivated me even more.The laps started to fly by and i was enjoying it more and more ended up finishing  3rd overall and it turned out to be one of my best ultras i have ever run.     
We gathered on the start line at 7am after course instructions, and a minutes silence for those killed in the awful attacks in Paris the previous night, we set off.The course consisted of a one mile loop around the village of Sixmilebridge, with a small switchback at the start/finish area, where there were timing mats. 

The route started out on a long uphill stretch, with a left turn at the top bringing us onto a level straight, near the end of which was the short start/finish switchback, then another left brought us on a short downhill, before another left brought us on to the long curve of the uphill section again.


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