Been a long while since my last post and I have had many adventures,marathons,ultras since my last post to many to write about but this weekends ultra has inspired me again hope yee like.

 Ultras are hard Ultras suck Ultras are the best things to give you confidence and reinvigorate you. So why do I run them because doubt I can. It tells me I am not good enough strong enough and unwordy almost daily my life is riddle with it. Often I let the doubt win. Now people ask or question me why I run why I train why I do a hobby that wrecks my body and takes a toll on my mind. I do it because I doubt I can. Some people get consumed by it but every day I try facing it head on I welcome it because it’s that doubt that makes me sign up for marathons for ultras and trust me every start line I toe the line it’s there. I doubt I can finish it I doubt I am good enough to be here among these other runners. My wife will tell you this I say it every time I see the other runners from inside my car before I step out they all look so fit, strong I shouldn't be here with them and she just laughs at me. So this weekend my doubt took me to ACHIIL ISLAND ULTRA and as you can see from my pictures if I had let it win this time I would have let one of the best and most beautiful ultras past me bye. I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR big thanks to Donnie and her team it was so so well organised.

The 13 mile half marathon loop will begin at the Hy Breasal on St.Fionnans Road Achill Sound. Participants will begin by running to the top of St.Fionnans road where they will turn left and follow the quiet, lonely road through the villages of Shraheens, Derreens and Cloghmore. On this stretch of road runners will pass the ancient church and graveyard at Kildavnet & the remains of the 16th century Irish tower house that was once used by the legendary pirate queen Granuaile. The runners will then make a right turn at Cloghmore pier and continue on to the spectacular 'Atlantic Drive', overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the islands of Clare and Achill Beg. Listen to the crashing waves on the rocks below as you witness some of the most stunning & rugged coastline this beautiful island has to offer. This is a challenging route with plenty of elevation gain. Don't be put off - most will agree the scenery is equally as breathtaking as the climb! At the top of the Drive, runners will descend down the corkscrew road overlooking Ashleam Bay. Runners will turn left towards Doeega for a short out and back before turning back into Achill Sound to the start/finish area.(this was taken from the website as i think it describes the course so well)


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