So here we go race report.I was flying up to mile 18 averaging 8 minute mile pace but how that would change quickly and it become about just getting across that finish line.Firstly at this point i have my friend Pat Rodgers for the inspiration for the last 8 miles he has this never give up attitude and its all about the finishing no matter what,he recently ran the Kerry way 200 km ultra in a time of 39 hours 30 mins just 30 mins before the 40 hour cut off point.He also ran the stone mad ultra this year and even with a bad foot on day 2 still got to that finish line.So I just took inspiration from this and said  keep moving power walk and jog when you could ALAN and I have to say I enjoyed the last 8 miles as pain full as it was,I also have to give the crowds a big shout out at this point for caring me as well and gave me the strength to run the last mile and half over the finish line.I also met a few friends from twitter on the course which was amazing as well.Now i wont lie this was my worst and hardest marathon I have run since my first one in 2008 but I can also say that it has been the one I have learned the most about myself and future races I will take part in,for me the biggest think learned and to be honest it something i have thinking about alot lately  TIME DOSE NOT MATTER any more to me its about just moving forward and get to that finish line may you be first or last its all about that finish to me from now on.So in a funny way even do it was my worst marathon in years in a strange way  i write this Blog the next day after the race and reflecting on it strangely it has become one of my best marathons.So as always enjoy my pictures and thanks for all the support.


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