Well that's another marathon under my belt.I entered this marathon as a way of maintaining  my focus and giving me something to aim for late into the winter. The Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon this year returned back to the town itself and it seems have been a great success.Probably one of the main talking points this year will be the course and the hills.It combines one of Ireland's most testing and spectacular coastline routes with a victory medal/running shirt - a must for your collection.The race run along the coastline of blue flag beaches through the postcard pretty villages of Ardfield and Rathbarry.This year they were Remembering the tragic events of Boston Marathon of April 15th 2013 and as a mark of respect to those who suffered in the city that day, this year’s Clonakilty Waterfront Marathons finishers medal had Boston recognised on its design.There also was 26 inspirational signs along the route to encourage runners through the course which i have to say i really liked also A large billboard was be placed on the last turn onto the home stretch to the finish line serving as a backdrop to the Start/Finish with the words ‘BOSTON UNITED WE STAND and the first (and finishing) mile was renamed ‘The Boston Mile’ in memory of those people who lost their lives and for those who will be forever scarred and hurt by this sad moment in time.Overall it was a well run event on a lovely scenic course. The stewarding was first class and there were plenty of water stations all along the route. An inspired idea was to have your first name printed in bold letters across the number bib and it was great to hear people offering personalized encouragement along the wayThis event is a must to finish your training year and be in shape for the festive season and the start of the New running Year 2014. 


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