Men and women who race at distances longer than marathons—also known as ultrarunners—are by reputation and reality a strange, obsessive, and somewhat socially awkward lot.

 When this event was announced a few months ago, it sounded like a novel idea but somewhat crazy! ;o) The thought of doing a full Marathon on a Saturday followed by another full Marathon on a Sunday might appeal to some people but would enough people do it to make the whole venture worthwhile? Websites appeared, Facebook pages were updated and expressions of interest flowed in. But how many would actually do the two? On the Saturday (16th Feb), a total of 149 people took part. In contrast to the main Marathon over the same course back in December, it was a much easier race to get to and get away from. There was loads of parking nearby, no delays and the smaller numbers just made it a much easier event to handle. The day itself was overcast but mild day 2 the wind really picked up which meant it was going to be more of a challenge out on the exposed parts of the course. Despite the weather forecast for showers, it stayed dry throughout. A total of 121 people took part. So how many did the two days? Looking around at the singlets and faces at the start line on both days, it was obvious that people had traveled from all corners of the country to do this event. Overall, an amazing 112 people actually completed the two Marathons. Looking forward, the Clonakilty Back to Back Marathon is sure to attract another large crowd next year. Whatever about the main event in December, this one got a very favourable response and the challenge of doing a Marathon one day after another will appeal to some people. Add in the fact that it is just a stunning course to run on...especially in nice weather...then it's an added bonus. If it's a challenge that interests you then this is the one to do.


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