Tuesday, October 18, 2011


All the training miles are logged. All of the hours spent running, building up to this day and then the gun goes off. The race has started.Be it gratifying or grueling, unexpectedly humorous or inspirational and life altering, any marathon will forever be imprinted in the mind that is no more true then the ones i run with my uncle Stephen.A friendships and self-determination IS formed over 26.2 miles, and their overwhelming joy in reaching the ultimate goal the finish line.Then there's recounting the tale from the starting line to the finish and while each runner's experience is unique, every story conveys the universal pride that comes from accomplishing a marathon.The course is described as "challenging," with terrain that follows the natural dips and rises of the land along the ocean, but also features breathtaking views of the water and the nearby Blasket islands off in the distance.The second annual 2010 Dingle Marathon proved to be another resounding success; with over 2,500 taking part in the Ultra, Full and Half Marathon and glorious conditions blessing the event.So i want to say as always a big thanks to the Wife and Kids for Supporting me as always with my craziness for marathon running and my uncle Stephen who made the day even more special for thanks and ill see u next year steve at the start line

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